SunGraph Version History:

• Version 9.1.1:
Does not change latitude or longitude except
when double clicking on location place.

• Version 9.1.0:
Change appearance of "About" dialog

• Version 9.0.9:
Update main window when Prefs or Locations List is changed.

• Version 9.0.8:
Add option to change Home Location in Locations List with a button.

• Version 9.0.7:
Allow users living close to Prime Meridian to enter "negative" time zones.

• Version 9.0.6:
Show month indicators on analemma curve

• Version 9.0.5:
Option to change intensity of shadows on world view.

• Version 9.0.4:
Optional 24 hour time format.

• Version 9.0.3:
Fix bug that incorrectly displayed earliest sunrise time for some locations.

• Version 9.0.2:
Change text on analemma display from "declination" to "altitude".

• Version 9.0.1:
Flop "Summer" and "Winter" Solstice text for current hemisphere.

• Version 8.0.9:
Still further refinement on International date formats.

• Version 8.0.8:
Small bug fixes.

• Version 8.0.7:
Fix Location List when selecting default location.

• Version 8.0.6:
Further refinement on International date formats.

• Version 8.0.5:
Fix lattitude and longitude input check.
Reduce size of location marker in Full World View

• Version 8.0.4:
Fix bug that allows for International date formats.

• Version 8.0.3:
Edit locations directly from locations list.
Add application version number to "About" dialog.

• Version 8.0.2:
Initial release