Again, we can look at the celestial sphere to derive the formulas for the effect of the Earth’s tilt on the equation of time. We have set the position of the true sun and mean sun to be 44 days after the vernal equinox, or about May 4th. We can set the positions anywhere we want, however this position allows us to view the angles easier.
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As the following graph shows, over the course of one and a half months the error adds up to almost 10 minutes. A spreadsheet application can easily be used to calculate and graph the Equation-of-Time for a period of one year.
What if the Earth were not tipped 23.45° on its axis but some other amount. What if it were tipped 30° or some other extreme amount, say 60° or 75°? What affect would this have on the Equation-of-Time? The following chart shows what this effect would have for various degrees of tilt on May 4th.
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